Project Name:
Complete Bathroom Remodel
Project Description:
The bathroom was in dire need of a remodel, and we wanted to create a more modern and spacious feel. To achieve this, we began by removing the old flooring and replacing it with beautiful marble.

We selected high-quality marble that had beautiful natural patterns, and the result was stunning. The new marble flooring gave the bathroom a luxurious look and feel, and it was easy to maintain.

To further enhance the space, we opened up the area by removing a wall and installing a larger mirror. This made the bathroom feel much more open and bright, and it was a welcome change from the cramped and dated space we had before.

We also painted the walls a soft, neutral color and added trimming to give the bathroom a finished and cohesive look. The new wall color complemented the marble flooring and made the space feel more inviting.

As a final touch, we installed beautiful new cabinets, sink, drawer handles, and towel racks. The new fixtures were not only functional but also added a modern and stylish touch to the bathroom. The sleek and minimalist design of the fixtures matched the overall aesthetic we were going for, and they provided ample storage space.

Overall, the bathroom remodel was a huge success. The new marble flooring, open space, painted walls, and new fixtures all worked together to create a beautiful and inviting bathroom that we can enjoy for years to come.
Scope of Work:

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