Project Name:
Stylish Bathroom Makeover: Swapping Vanity, Installing Quartz Countertop, New Faucets and Trimmed Mirror
Project Description:
For this bathroom remodel project, we began by swapping out the old vanity and sink for a more modern option. We selected a beautiful quartz countertop that complemented the existing color scheme of the bathroom.

Next, we installed two new facets to replace the outdated ones. The new facets were not only functional but also added a sleek look to the bathroom.

To give the bathroom a cohesive look, we painted the medicine cabinet a fresh coat of white paint and installed trim around the mirror. This made the medicine cabinet look brand new and added a polished look to the bathroom.

Overall, the remodel project was a success, and the bathroom now feels updated and modern. The new vanity, quartz countertop, facets, and painted medicine cabinet with trim all work together to create a beautiful space that is both functional and stylish.
Scope of Work:

Project Photos