Project Name:
Transforming the Kitchen: Blue Cabinets, Extended Storage, and Leveled Island
Project Description:
This kitchen was outdated and cramped, and our clients decided to give it a much-needed facelift. We began by painting the cabinets a beautiful shade of blue, which instantly transformed the look and feel of the space. The new cabinet color added a pop of color to the kitchen and made the room feel much brighter and more inviting.

To maximize storage space and functionality, we extended the cabinets and housed the oven. This not only provided us with additional storage but also gave us more counter space to work with. The oven was now within reach, making cooking and baking more accessible and efficient.

To further enhance the kitchen’s functionality, we leveled out the center island to open up the space. This made the kitchen feel more spacious, and it also made it easier to navigate around the island. The leveled out island also provided us with additional countertop space, which we could use as a dining area or prep area.

Overall, the kitchen remodel was a huge success. The new blue cabinets, extended cabinets, and leveled out center island all worked together to create a beautiful and functional space. The updated kitchen not only looked fantastic, but it was also much more efficient and enjoyable to use.
Scope of Work:

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